School Uniform

School Uniform and Appearance

The uniform is:

i. A navy school pants/ school skirt
ii. White shirt
iii. School tie
iv. Green school jumper
v. Black/ brown shoes

* Each student must wear full school uniform every day and be neat and tidy in his or her overall appearance.
* Hair must be neat and tidy at all times and be of natural colour.
* The wearing of excessive jewelery, facial piercings and accessories is not permitted. Boys may not wear jewelery on their ears.
* The use of make-up is not allowed.
* School P.E. gear is obligatory for all junior students.
* Junior cycle students must wear the official school tracksuit for physical education. The school tracksuit incorporates the school coat of arms and is available locally.
* All senior students must wear appropriate P.E. gear.

We take great pride in our School Uniform at Cashel Community School. We regard the uniform as a symbol for all the positive educational features which characterise the school and its pupils. We therefore request parent(s)/guardian(s) co-operation in ensuring that the correct uniform is worn in the proper way by pupils, coming to school, during school and going home from school.